9 Best Gift Ideas for Girls


You don’t need a special occasion to give a gift. Especially for girls. You can be as generous as you want and they will accept it graciously. And you should keep giving them gifts. It keeps them happy and content. And this condition isn’t bound for any age group. So, here are some of the best gift ideas for girls.


1) Barbie Dolls

Nearly 90% of Girls in the world love Barbie dolls. They are the trademark gifts for a girl. She comes with different toys in different sets. It’s one of the most amazing gifts you can give a girl. The creator of barbies is trying to incorporate a career-centric, futuristic, successful woman. You can get them here for a very affordable price.

2) Headphones For Kids

The headphones that adults use are not actually suitable for kids. However, and music is everyone’s weakness so, it’s a very good choice for a gift. These headphones are set for volume limits suitable for kids. And it has great sound quality. You can buy them here.

3) Doodling Tablet


This Doodling tablet is basically a tablet on which you can draw as you would on paper. You can trace patterns on it with the help of Gel markers which are included in the package. It also has a reusable design. So, you can wipe out anything at any time. It can be a very engaging tool. And it's one of the best gift ideas for girls. You can get it here.

4) Pop Vinyl Figures:

Have you seen those little pop Vinyl figures? They're the cutest things you can find. And there are loads of them available in the market. You can get those figures for Harry Potter, Avengers, TV series and many more. They are a huge trend. And it's an ideal gift idea for any girl. And you can find them here.


5) Connect 4


Connect 4 is an amazing game by funskool. It's so engaging that you can play with it for hours and it will still be interesting. It will be great entertainment for any girl. And it can be a great birthday gift idea for a girl. You can buy it here.


6) Storybooks


Everyone loves a great storybook. There are loads of storybooks available in the market for kids. It will increase their intelligence level and will help them learn new things. You can start with the classics like fairy tales, Arabian nights and many more. You can find them here.

6) Guess Who Board Game


Now, this is also an amazing game. Very intriguing and mysterious. You have to guess the person on the card that belongs to your opponent and vice versa. You need to eliminate the wrong faces to reach the correct one. You can buy it here.

7) Puzzles

Puzzles are a great choice for a gift. Further, the varieties available in puzzles are countless. There are different materials used, different characters, different stories. It's fun to do for both kids and adults. You can find them here.


8) Watches


Girls love to accessorize. And a watch is a great accessory to have. There is a complete range of kids watches available in the market. Thus, a watch is an ideal gift. You can find a range of girl's watches here.

9) Arts and Craft Material

Girls love showing off their creativity. You can gift them markers, sketch pens, crayons, drawing books, etc. It will increase their creativity and they'll surely love this gift. You can buy it here.

So, these are some of the gift ideas for girls. And to conclude, you can give her anything with good intentions and pure heart and I guarantee you she'll definitely love it.