Toys are more than just fun and games for kids.  Most toys provide at least some opportunity for children to learn. The best toys engage a child’s senses, spark their imaginations and encourage them to interact with others. Are you wondering what top toys you can get for your kid this period? Look no further because this article is set to give you an insight into the different top toys in 2019.


  1. Wow Wee Fingerlings HUGS

These overly cute, soft animals are perfect for any child who just loves to have a soft, cuddly toy to carry around and adore. Designed specifically for hugging and comfort, the WowWee line even interacts with the child with expressions, burps and toots. The more interaction they get, the more they’ll respond. These soft interactive baby monkeys were a favorite during the past two holiday. Now, there is a new and improve version which is the larger HUG Version which can be found in our stores at Stock California.

A lot of kids will be excited because this monkey has long arms that will embrace you and enclose you in its warm hug. As you interact with the monkey, it will respond with noises and movements similar to monkey chirps. There are seemingly infinite commands that produce reactions, such as giggles and kisses. It is a great companion for kids as it is interactive in nature.

This is a must have for your kids all year round.


  1. L.O.L. Surprise! Bigger Surprise!

L.O.L. Surprise toys come in many forms, from boxes to balls, and contain various collectible toys. The latest version, which was included on Target’s, JCPenney's and Amazon’s toy lists, contains exclusive dolls and accessories, from 60+ possibilities.

It practically gives your kids a wide variety of dolls and accessories to play with thereby making play time a memorable and pleasure one.


  1. Hatchimals 

For the previous years Hatchimals (the eggs that hatch animatronics surprise pets) made it onto the toy lists. In early October, Hatchimals announced the newest products, HatchiBabies. So, expect those to be popular gifts.

It’s parked with wonderful gifts that would keep your child glued and enjoy a great and pleasurable time while playing with it.


4. Fur Real critters (Munchin’ Rex, Rock-A-Too and more)

These animatronics pets interact with you. Feed them “treats,” give them bottles and just watch them move around and make noises in response to various stimuli. Amazon, JCPenney’s and Target included various fur Real critters on their toy lists.

It’s more than just a toy as you get to interact, learn, and play with it. It has over 50 sound and motion combination thus making it a great companion.


5. Sesame Street Playskool Friends Lets Dance Elmo

Elmo has always been kiddies’ favorite in their toy collection. This year’s most in-demand Elmo toy (according to both Target and Amazon) is a singing and dancing version. Made for toddlers, Elmo has three musical recordings about colors and animals, which he grooves to along with color-changing lights.  Your kids would definitely learn something from Elmo and its evergreen in the hearts of toddlers.

 6. Imaginext Jurassic World Jurassic Rex

The Imaginext Jurassic World T-Rex set, which was included in Walmart’s and Target’s toy lists, is practically the size of your toddler. Your kid can use the controls on this dinosaur to chomp on the accessories it comes with and engage its light-up eyes. It also comes with a Power Pad that launches a vehicle into action.

Jurassic Park toys are generally a hot commodity this year, with various branded dino toys and LEGO sets on retailers’ lists this past year. It’s a fun toy your kid would love.

 7. Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall LEGO Building Kit

Harry Potter merchandise is still going strong, and this 878-piece set appeared on Amazon's and JCPenney's lists. Build a replica of Hogwarts’ Great Hall, complete with house banners and a movable staircase. The set includes 10 mini figurines of Harry Potter characters.

A bit complicated but it’s a fan favorite for kids who loved the Harry Potter movies and are aspiring to be young witches and wizards between 9 and 14.

 8. Barbie DreamHouse

If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to buy your child something you also remember playing with, the 3-foot-tall, 4-foot-wide Barbie DreamHouse is practically a mansion and was included in both Walmart’s and Target’s toy lists. It incorporates lights and sounds (tea kettles, oven timers) for an interactive play experience, as well as an elevator.

Barbie dream house is a replica of the dream house in the most watches animation “Barbie in the Dream house”.

 9. PJMasks Play Set

Recreate the adventures of your child’s favorite nocturnal heroes. Amazon’s, JCPenney's and Walmart’s toy lists included play sets from PJMasks, including the Headquarters set and arc rival Romeo’s Lab. Supplement your kid’s gift haul with additional figures and vehicles (sold separately).

It’s an amazing way for your kids to play the role of their favorite nocturnal heroes as they go into the night to save the day. Your kid would learn the advantage of team work and how it helps in achieving a common goal.


 10. Really Rad Robots Mibro R/C Robot

This toy is already a huge hit so if you want it you better act fast. It is basically your own personal robot that can sneak up on people and project your voice in different settings to send a message, pick up lightweight objects (think your phone) and bring it to you, he can even sneak up on conversations and you can listen to what people are saying. This robot is sure to be the recipient's new best friend. Just be warned that you might be being watched now. Walmart’s and Target’s lists both included this toy, which is remote-controlled. Your child can use the robot’s tray to transport objects and even set him to listening mode to spy with a built-in microphone. It’s a mini robot for your kids and can carry out minor tasks.

It is fun and interactive to play with and can be used as a special spy gadget. It’s sure to bring smile and joy in the face of your kids.